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SWK 122 ONLINE Test Prep Recording Packages

During these  online workshops, our expert SWK 122 instructor will cover critical concepts and application techniques giving students the necessary tools to tackle upcoming Tuks tests.

Please Note:
– These are recordings of previous workshops that have already taken place.
– The recordings will be sent out twice daily. However, please allow for a 12 hour turnaround time.


Workshop 1:  General Principles | Geometric Vector Operations | Algebraic Vector Addition with Rectangular Components in a Plane | Particle Equilibrium, Free-Body-Diagrams & Modelling Assumptions | Particle Equilibrium in 2D | Cartesian Vectors in 3D | Position Vector and Vector Directed Along a Line | Particle Equilibrium in 3D

Workshop 2: The Dot Product and Applications | Moment of a Force | Moment of a Force about and Axis or Line | Moment of a Couple | Equivalent Force & Couple Systems


Workshop 1: Cartesian and Unit Vectors | Parallel and Perpendicular Vector Calculations | Two-Dimensional Equilibrium (without moments) | Moment Calculations | Resultant Forces and Moments | Forces and Wrenches | 2D and 3D equilibrium

Workshop 2: Structural Equilibrium | Machines | Center of Mass and Moment of Inertia | Distributed Forces | Shear and Tensile Force Calculations

Pricing: R195 Per Workshop | R360 for both workshops (Online payments ONLY)
Duration: 3 Hours Per Workshop

Details Price Qty
Both TEST & EXAM Workshops (SAVE R140)show details + R640.00 (ZAR)  
Both TEST Workshops (SAVE R30)show details + R360.00 (ZAR)  
Both EXAM Workshops (SAVE R30)show details + R360.00 (ZAR)  
TEST: Workshop 1show details + R195.00 (ZAR)  
TEST: Workshop 2show details + R195.00 (ZAR)  
Exam: Workshop 1show details + R195.00 (ZAR)  
Exam: Workshop 2show details + R195.00 (ZAR)  


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What if I’ve paid for my session but I have internet problems on the day?
Don’t despair! Every session will be recorded and made available for a limited period. This means that even if you aren’t able to join the live session, you can still watch and learn afterwards.