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  • Kabelo Moriri

    BCom in Actuarial Science: 2017-2019 / BCom(Hons) in Actuarial Science: 2020

    I'm very passionate about helping students and I always aim to instill a sense of confidence within each student, enabling them to handle complex questions

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Mathematics 1000 Supp Exam Videos

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Workshop 1: Revision of Limits | Differentiation and Rules of Derivatives | Implicit differentiation | Intermediate Value Theorem | Squeeze Theorem | Mean Value Theorem | Minimum and Maximum values(Curve sketching) | Optimization | Related Rates

Workshop 2: Indeterminate Product and L’Hospital’s Rule | Newton’s Method | Riemann Sum | The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus(Part I and II) | Rules of Integration | Integrating Between Area | Solids of Revolution | The Binomial Theorem

Workshop 3: Taylor Series and Polynomials | Complex Numbers | Vectors and Functions | Linear Algebra | Differential Equations

Pricing: R240 Per recording | R670 for all 3 recordings (Online payments ONLY)
Duration: 4 Hours Per recording

PLEASE NOTE: Recordings will be sent out daily – If you made a purchase in the morning, you can expect the link to be sent before end of the day – if you made a purchase in the evening, you can expect the link to be sent by the morning after at the latest.