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EKN 120 Supp Exam Videos

At these live online workshops, our expert EKN 120 instructor will cover critical concepts and application techniques giving students the necessary tools to tackle upcoming Tuks exams.

Please Note:
– All online workshops will be conducted using Zoom [scroll down for more info]
– Workshops will be live, ensuring students can ask questions and engage with the instructor using the chat features.
– We recommend that you use a device with a larger screen size, such as a laptop or tablet.

Workshop 1: Chapter 12: Income Inequality and Poverty | Chapter 13: The SA Economy: Private and Public Sectors | Chapter 14: Measuring Domestic Output and National Income | Chapter 15: Basic Macroeconomic Relationships | Chapter 16: The Aggregate Expenditure Model

Workshop 2: Chapter 17: Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply | Chapter 19: Government and Market Failure | Chapter 20: Fiscal Policy, Deficits and Debt | Chapter 21: Public Choice Theory and Economies of Taxation | Chapter 22: Disputes over Macro Theory and Policy

Workshop 3: Chapter 23: International Trade | Chapter 24: Exchange rates, the balance of payments and trade deficits | Chapter 25: South Africa in the Global Economy | Chapter 26: The Economies of Developing Countries

Pricing: R190 Per Recording | R500 for all 3 Recordings (Online payments ONLY)
Duration: 3 Hours Per Recording

PLEASE NOTE: Recordings will be sent out daily – If you made a purchase in the morning, you can expect the link to be sent before end of the day – if you made a purchase in the evening, you can expect the link to be sent by the morning after at the latest.

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