Grade 12 Mathematics

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In these workshops, our instructor will teach students the application techniques and critical thinking required to tackle matric mathematics.  Instructors will recap core principles and make use of various examples in order to demonstrate critical exam techniques and help students become exam-ready.

Duration per workshop: 90 Minutes
Cost per workshop: R250
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TERM 1 - Chapter 1 & 2 (SAVE R150)show details + R1,350.00 (ZAR)*  
TERM 2 - Chapters 3, 4, 5 & 6 (SAVE R300)show details + R2,700.00 (ZAR)*  
TERM 3 - Chapters 7, 8, 9 & 10 (SAVE R250)show details + R2,250.00 (ZAR)*  
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Chapter 7show details + R250.00 (ZAR)*  
Chapter 8show details + R750.00 (ZAR)*  
Chapter 9show details + R500.00 (ZAR)*  
Chapter 10show details + R1,000.00 (ZAR)*  
Chapter 4show details + R750.00 (ZAR)*   Expired

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Content Breakdowns


Chapter 1: Functions

4th Feb – Arithmetic, Quadratic and Geometric Sequences

11th Feb – Sigma Notation and Finite Arithmetic Series

18th Feb – Finite Geometric Series and Series to Infinity

Chapter 2: Functions

25th Feb – Functions Revision

4th Mar – Inverse Functions (including Logarithms) & Linear Functions

11th Mar – Quadratic Functions & Exponential Functions

Chapter 3: Finance

18th Mar – Investment periods and Annuities

8th Apr – Future and Present value Annuities

15th Apr – Investments and Loans

Chapter 4: Trigonometry

22nd Apr – Trigonometry Revision

29th Apr – Compound and Double Angle Identities

6th May – Trigonometric Equations and Applications

Chapter 5: Polynomials

13th May – Quadratic and Cubic Polynomials

20th May – Remainder and Factor Theorem

27th May – Solving Cubic Equations

Content Breakdowns


Chapter 6: Differential Calculus

3rd June – Limits and Differentiation (from First Principles and General Rules)

10th June – Tangent equations and Second Derivatives

17th June – Sketching Graphs and Applications 

Chapter 7: Analytical Geometry

22nd July – Short Recap and Circle Equations

Chapter 8: Euclidean Geometry

29th July – Revision and Proportionality Theorem

5th Aug – Polygons and Triangles

12th Aug – Similarity and Pythagorean Theorem

Chapter 9: Statistics

19th Aug – Statistics Revision

26th Aug – Regression lines and Correlations

Chapter 10: Probability

2nd Sep – Probability Revision and Identities

9th Sep – Fundamental Counting Principle and other “Probability Tools”

16th Sep – Factors and Counting Problems

23rd Sep – Probability Applications



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What if I’ve paid for my session but I have internet problems on the day?
Don’t despair! Every session will be recorded and made available for a limited period. This means that even if you aren’t able to join the live session, you can still watch and learn afterwards.

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