University & High School Workshops 

Our workshops are designed to equip you with the tools and knowledge you need to achieve your academic goals. 

Covering critical concepts and application techniques for test & exams, taught by top-class tutors for both University & High School students

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*Please note that we are not endorsed or formally associated with any university.



Workshops for  Commerce, Science & Engineering Courses



Workshops for Commerce, Engineering & Law Courses



Workshops for Commerce, Accounting & Engineering Courses 



Workshops for Grade 12 English, Mathematics & Physical Science  

About our workshops

Live & online via our online platform

Workshops are live and designed to be engaging. We ensure that students still get the personalized tuition that they would’ve received in any in-person session.

Study Notes

We will provide you with special SmartPrep study notes to keep and refer back to.

Direct Comms with Tutor

You will be able to have direct communication with your instructor in case you need further clarification and/or have questions on any of the content covered.

Stream recordings

All our workshops are recorded which means you will be able to stream them in full after each session.

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