Who and what is SmartPrep?

It all started in 2014 with a handful of students and has now grown to help thousands of learners get higher marks and reach their full potential…


Years Prepping Students for Success


Top Quality Workshops


University & High School Attendees

We’ve been preparing students for success since 2014 and refine our approach year round. After holding hundreds of successful workshops, we’re confident that ours are of superior quality. We’ve helped thousands of students reach their full potential and we can do the same for you!

Knowledge delivered through superior workshops, classes & private tutoring

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Focus on the student
We value our students greatly and prioritize them in every decision we make.

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Provide expertise
From our workshops to online resources, we deliver expert mastery in every way we can.

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Always top quality
Our extremely high quality standards ensure we are always the best of the best.



Top Quality Workshops

Our workshops are engaging learning experiences tailored to the requirements of specific courses. We train students to think smart by breaking down key concepts in an simple yet robust manner and clearly demonstrate how to approach questions and effectively apply concepts.

All sessions are taught by passionate and talented instructors, all of whom are carefully selected based on their exceptional marks, mastery in specific courses and ability to deliver a superior learning experience. We also provide extensive training to all our instructors, ensuring they apply our effective pedagogy that has been refined over many years.

Private Tutoring

Private Tutoring

Some students require more personalized help and that’s where our private tutors step in. They are masters at identifying the areas an individual student or group of students are struggling with and effectively guiding them to success.

Our tutors are all selected based on their high marks and strong communication skills and are further trained to ensure they are well equipped to help students succeed. They are patient, passionate, engaging and available at any time to assist students with a large range of university and high school courses.

Online Resources

Online Resources

Online learning is definitely not an adequate replacement to in-person tuition, but it can greatly enhance and compliment in-person learning experiences. With our online learning resources, our guidance and assistance extends beyond the classroom.

All our workshops are paired with online revision and/or practice that furthers the learning experiences of our students. Our online learning resources are tailored to work hand-in-hand with our workshops, ensuring students engage with content and practice questions before and after attending workshops.